Curse of the Crimson Throne Pathfinder AP

The Underbelly
** Makoa **

May be on to something. The law now seems to be doing something for the small folk. Migh have made a difference when I was young. Maybe not. Companions seem too ready to kill, but I could see the use of a good beating. and Knifees…well…just dumb to step on MY table…

Knivesies, for the win

After collaring the criminal Verik Vancaskerkin in his disgusting abbatoir, the motley party turned him over to the constabulary of Korvosa. Returning to their tavern for some much deserved rest, they soon received yet another plea of help from Commandant Cressida Kroft, the captain of the Korvosan Guard. She asked them to go and speak with Devargo Barvassi, the lord of a den of vice called Eel’s End in Old Korvosa. It seems the Chelaxian ambassador, Amprei, frequents Eel’s End to indulge in games of chance and Kroft hoped to uncover information which would give Korvosa the upper hand in dealing with him or remove him from his ambassadorship altogether and she believed Barvassi had that key. The party managed to infiltrate Eel’s End with ease, cautiously and cleverly filtering through the various establishments of vice and pleasure. Securing an audience with Barvassi by enlisting the help of Madame Helvara, the cleric Tenderil led the party into the audience chamber of Eel’s End and before Barvassi himself. With some negotiation and several displays of skill and bravery at the game of Knivesies, the group convinced Barvassi to part with several incriminating letters which will surely bring Amprei to heel or bring him down altogether. Despite getting away unscathed, the group later returned to hold Barvassi to the outrageous offer he made on a whim to sell his pet pseudodragon, Majenko, to one of the party, who took an inordinate, yet undetected, interest in the creature.

Lamm no more
** Ponderings of Makoa **

Had expected it to be more difficult. In my memory, he was always so powerful. Guess that is what time and a few years away will do. Lamm is no more, and one of my new found companions seemed almost gleeful in the killing. I got hurt pretty bad, but a problem, a festering scab, on this wound of a city is dealt with, and several homeless kids are homeless again…but without the fear of this man. Guess I need to give some money to one of the orphanages…

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